Most people panic when they imagine of the tasks they will need to complete in their Post graduate studies.

Thinking about executing research, for instance and then documenting their findings comprehensively aren’t tasks everyone is usually prepared to do. Imagining of the scope of the work or rejections from professors don’t give anyone hope either. But what if there is actually a way to simplify the way such projects are done? Read below to learn more.

Prepare a Comprehensive List of all the Elements of the Dissertation

List down all the ideas you have about your paper.

Jot down the chapter headings you plan to make, graphical presentations and any other important data you gained from your research. Evaluate how much time you have to complete your work and document a plan to help you finish your first draft.

Write down ideas, quotes and references as you find them

Once you have a proper structure and guideline, you can now start describing your work as ideas occur to you, Note that you will probably find different ideas for different chapters as you go about doing more research, but it is crucial all the same to note down these points. If you ignore them you will forget and probably never get a chance to locate where you first found the references and points in the first place.


Review your chapter headings and start writing sub-headings to include. Note that you can only handle this step if you have already done enough research and prepared your data even if as a rough draft.

That said; go through all the chapters and titles you jotted done in the first stage and identify areas where you will need to include important sub-topics and graphical data. Write off headings you find unnecessary and then prepare to structure your work in a more professional way.


Check that all sections in your work are balanced

Although different elements of the paper demand different amount of attention, it is important to strike a balance in the different sections of your work. In addition, begin to check for coherence in your arguments, logic and a proper flow in your writing. You can also ask for feedback from colleagues and professionals while at this level in your dissertation. It is actually necessary to ask for feedback from your supervisor and other professionals even before you complete your project. Sometimes your work could have errors that can lower the quality of your final work. And only when others identify such mistakes can you fix them.

Make Edits as you go along

One reason why you need to ask for feedback from professionals is so that you can identify mistakes and correct them as early as possible. In that same spirit, visualize your word count limits early and edit upwards or downwards as you go along with the project. Look carefully for points that are no clear enough and argue them out well. In the end, you want a solid paper, with clear arguments and links that show the quality of the overall paper.