How to Write and Structure your Dissertation

It is on research as part of a postgraduate or undergraduate degree. It is a type of academic writing that is long. The way you write your dissertation depends on the course you take. It has four or five divisions, introduction, and conclusion being a part of it. Steps of writing it in science and social sciences are; Introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.


The front page has to have the title. This page contains your personal information. In other institutions, you will also have to include your registration number and your supervisor’s number. Remember, this has to start. Never mix it in the middle with your work. You have to show your supervisor that you are neat and organized. If your institution is not strict, you do not have to write every personal detail on the page. It is good to include everything.


Acknowledgement page is not a must but optional, and you can consider it if you want to thank certain people. You will need coursework help one way or another to write a desertion since it isn’t easy. It is good to thank the people who helped you with it. It is good to mention the hard work that people put to finish your thesis.


An abstract is always short. It needs to contain approximately 150-300 words. It should be written in the end when you finish your dissertation. Things that should not miss in your abstract include; main topic and the aim of your research, describe methods used, summarize main results, and conclusion. The fact that this part is short, it means a lot. The time it is the only part of your dissertation that the supervisor will read. You have to get your point correctly and leave nothing outside. Remember that this part is crucial.

Table of contents

Take your time here. Here you write all your topics, sub-topics, and page numbers. Your work has to go hand in hand with the content. Try not to confuse your work for understanding. It will make it easier for the reader. The reader can go to the table of content and go to any section of his/her interest. You can get a table of content in word. You do not need to stress yourself. Lastly, do not forget to include the appendices.

List of Figures and Tables

It is not unwelcome to use figures and tables. If so, you should put them in a number list. It is easy to work, and you can get it automatically using the insert caption feature. You can get it in word. You should study words and know them. It seems easy, but it has a lot of hidden things that can help in many ways.

List of Abbreviations

Using abbreviations is not bad. If your work has abbreviations, you can include them in the alphabetized list of acronyms. It will work well for the reader if he/she wants to look up their meaning.


If you have used words that will give the supervisor a hard time, the glossary is the option. It will help you in listing the wordings in a correct order together with their meaning.

Helpful Ideas